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Why I didn’t posted about the permanent 6.20 TN-D Patch?

March 12, 2011 Leave a comment

I know you may be thinking that I haven’t posted the 6.20 TN-D perma Patch till now and also there are few other apps r firmwares that I haven’t posted but I only post homebrews that are most likely to work and also that have a very rare chance of bricking you PSP and if the risk rate is too high then I prefer not to post about it…


ISO Tool V1.968 Released.

February 20, 2011 1 comment

Update: A newer version of this homebrew has been released. Click here to redirect to the newer version.

Takka seems to be working really hard on his ISO Tool and in just three days he has released another update to the ISO Tool v1.968 ( this is a bug fix release).

ISO Tool lets you create XMB Icons of your ISO’s for the 6.20 TN and 6.xx HEN firmwares. It uses the Prometheus Loader internally and is also used to rip iso’s, convert ISO’s to CSO’s and vice-versa, decrypt/encrypt iso’s.


Making Iso Xmb icon’s to load your iso’s direclty from your XMB:

  1. Remember to store your Iso backup in the iso directory in your memory stick or the internal memory for the PSP Go.
  2. Run iso tool and select the iso you wish to create the icon for and now just select Make XMB-ICON option. That’s it all done.


ISO Tool V1.965:

  • [NEW] TAG D9161AF0 add.
  • [NEW]  Tales totwrm3 patch will add a folder RM3 totwrm3 patch (5.03/5.50 series), PILv1 (6.20 series), dummy.prx (6.35 system) seems to work ( unconfirmed)

ISO Tool V1.964:

  • [NEW] startup check disabled with MS
  • [BUG] 09g of the PIL in the body type of the fixed prx copy of the group had failed
  • [BUG] Prometheus ISO Loder v1 when it started, CWCheat Fixed ID of failing to recognize
  • [NEW] v2/v1 switch to change from R to R trigger buttons
  • [NEW] M33 drivers and startup ※ v2/v1 modified to save the settings for L and R triggers By keeping the button configuration is reversed

Developer: Takka.

Download: ISO Tool V1.968

Source: Takka

Custom Firmware (CFW) 6.35 Beta V8 Released. (Update: Adds VSH and Recovery)

February 6, 2011 5 comments

Update: neurOner has released the CFW 6.35 Beta V8. The download link has been modified.

The CFW 6.35 is looking promising, with the V6 Beta release few bugs have been dealth with and also a VSH menu has been integrated but if you don’t like the default VSH Menu you can always try out the, compatible, Light VSH Menu from TOcean V7 .

Caution: Do keep in mind this custom firmware is only for the PSP 2000 without the V3 motherboards.

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Light VSH Menu V7 for 6.3X Hen/6.35 Pro Released

January 30, 2011 1 comment

TOcean has updated his Light VSH Menu adding 6.35 Pro compatibility and also fixing many other bugs.

You can clock the CPU, take screenshots, control screen brightness, lock the power button, reset the device, switch off the device, restart it, etc., etc..

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