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PRXEncryptor Pack v2.1 a more user friendly approach…(Update:Pscryptor)

January 19, 2011 1 comment

Wololo has made a user friendlier version of the prxencryptor coz comeon the previous one was too hard for the noobs to digest, which actually are more then 90% of the psp users. So download this pack and go nuts signing your favorite homebrews but remember to keep it simple don’t go directly for advanced homebrews or even custom firmwares start slow.

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First sample homebrew working on official firmware… wait… What???

January 17, 2011 1 comment

Well guys last post mentioned how the PSP  Kirk keys found by Matheieulh could be used to create homebrews that would work on any PSP dis-respective of its motherboard and firmware version  and guess what, here we are with the first such homebrew but don’t get your hopes up guys its just a test/sample. It doesn’t do much well actually it does nothing but it will give you an idea about how wonderful it would be to install any app without going through constant fear of bricking your PSP.

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Kirk Encrytion/Decryption Keys of PSP found

January 17, 2011 1 comment
Jessica Chobot PSP Lick

Image by djtyrant via Flickr

Mathieulh has found the Kirk encryption and decryption keys.

“Kirk Keys, The hardware crypto engine responsible for almost all aspects of the PSP’s security, including decryption of eboots & prx’s, savefile and adhoc encryption, and idstorage verification. Named after Captain Kirk of Star Trek.”, this is what a person on twitter said about kirk keys. (let me know his name if anyone has any idea.)

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