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ISO Tool V1.970 Released.

February 28, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Takka has updated his ISO Tool to v1.970. This version includes updates decoding and patching and new data keys for latest UMD games.

ISO Tool lets you create XMB Icons of your ISO’s for the 6.20 TN and 6.xx HEN firmwares. It uses the Prometheus Loader internally and is also used to rip iso’s, convert ISO’s to CSO’s and vice-versa, decrypt/encrypt iso’s.


Making Iso Xmb icon’s to load your iso’s direclty from your XMB:

  1. Remember to store your Iso backup in the iso directory in your memory stick or the internal memory for the PSP Go.
  2. Run iso tool and select the iso you wish to create the icon for and now just select Make XMB-ICON option. That’s it all done.


ISO Tool V1.970:

  • 1.970 [NEW] type corresponds to the decoding of 6 (CipherBridge.prx updated)
  • [NEW] menu △ “CipherBridge.prx”
  • Adding updates [NEW] DATA / key.txt some tag / key add (tag 0xD91615F0/0xD91616F0/0xD91619F0/0xD91620F0/0xD91621F0/0xD91622F0/0xD91623F0/0xD91624F0/0xD91628F0/0xD91680F0/0xD91681F0)

ISO Tool V1.965:

  • [NEW] TAG D9161AF0 add.
  • [NEW]  Tales totwrm3 patch will add a folder RM3 totwrm3 patch (5.03/5.50 series), PILv1 (6.20 series), dummy.prx (6.35 system) seems to work ( unconfirmed)

Developer: Takka.

Download: ISO Tool V1.970

Source: Takka

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